Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thin Places

So I just got finished reading a book called "Thin Places" by Mary DeMuth. This is a great book and really made me realize how blessed I have been in my lifetime. Mary goes through many struggles in her life, some of which include: sexual abuse, pornography addiction, self-worth issues, envy, shame, relationship issues, lake of trust, lust, suicide,not having a stable, caring family, and so many other things. I know we all deal with some of these issues, but I don't know many people who deal with them all. Mary has so much courage to share this story with others. Even though I have not dealt with a lot of the things she has dealt with it gave me insight on some things and also helped me in dealing with some things. Through all the things that happen to Mary she still comes to know God and does not blame herself for the things that have happened in the past. Though you cannot get the jest of the book unless you actually read it yourself, I think it can be partially summed up by this one sentence in the last chapter of her book, "He notices it all, every move, every heartache, every small victory, every leap of faith, every adventure, every bit of drudgery in the mundane." Mary realizes that even though she has gone through all these different things, God has always been there for her.

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